Desktop shortcut

Not sure how to set up a Bury Allstars desktop shortcut icon for our website?

Either follow the instructions below or email Jim and he'll talk you through it on the phone!

Note! Click on and watch the very short video tutorial below for a PC/Laptopp and then close the video page by clicking the 'X' in the top right hand corner. When it returns you to this page, click on the FC Bury Town website address in the following brackets ( and, when our site's Homepage re-appears, follow the same procedure that the video tutorial showed you!

You can follow a similar video tutorial below in order to create a link on your iPad/Tablet!

Click on the 'Video tutorial' link below to set up a PC/Laptop desktop icon:

PC/Laptop tutorial

Click on the 'iPad tutorial' link below to set up an iPad/Tablet icon

iPad tutorial